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Choosing Dental Insurance for Your Family

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Dental care is an important part of your overall health. Unfortunately, keeping up with dental work - and the expense of it - can be a lot to handle. This is amplified if you have an entire family who needs dental care. 

Making the decision to look into dental insurance can be very beneficial now - and in the future. Especially since it will have a positive impact on your oral health. But, with so many different policies available, how do you know what to look for? How do you choose the best dental insurance for your family? 

Types of Dental Insurance Policies

All dental insurance policies are not created equal. They are typically found in 3 categories: indemnity, PPO, and HMO. 

PPO: PPO’s - Preferred Provider Organization - is a dental insurance policy that is found most commonly in the dental plan market. It uses a group of dentists who agree to a fee structure with the insurance provider. This means they agree to pay a percentage of the procedures. So while you can choose any dentist you wish, if they have higher rates,  the portion you will be responsible for is going to be higher. 

HMO: HMO’s - Health Maintenance Organization - is the most cost-effective plan available, but it is also the most restrictive. There are dentists within the HMO that you can choose from. They have agreed to do specific work for a certain amount. In order to get the benefits of this plan, you have to use their network dentists.  

Indemnity: Indemnity dental plans are considered to be the most costly. They pay a certain amount for each procedure and you are required to pay the remainder. What makes this policy the least effective option for those looking for coverage is that the patient is usually responsible for all the costs upfront. Then, a claim can be filed and the amount the insurance company will pay will be sent to the patient. This could take several weeks. 

Tips For Choosing a Dental Plan

Although you know that there are different types of dental insurance available, if you were to pull up a list of their benefits, it may make your head spin. And that even goes for a handful of the same types of policies. There are so many differences and options and deductibles and caps that it makes it really hard to make a decision. 

Hopefully, these tips will help. 

Tip 1. Assess Your Family’s Needs

While you cannot predict what the future holds for the teeth of anyone in the family, you can consider things such as the age of your kids, any orthodontic work that may be needed, a history of cavities or periodontal disease, etc. 

Gathering an idea of what you may need your insurance to cover can help you narrow down the best policies.

Tip 2. Join a Group Policy

If you have the ability to join a group dental policy at your work, you would be wise to do so. Sometimes these group policies offer greater benefits at a more affordable rate than you will find on your own. 

Tip 3. Talk to Your Dental Team

Who better to ask about the best dental insurance policies than the people who work with them every day? Talk to the staff at your dentist’s office and find out what policies offer the most coverage, the best savings, and so forth. They may even be able to compare it to the dental treatment plans you and your family have on file. 

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