Dental Bridges in Farmington, CT

Dental Bridges in Farmington, CT

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The average American adult has three missing or badly decayed teeth, according to the American Dental Association. Dental bridges can be an excellent option for restoring one or a few missing teeth in a row. The bridge is anchored to the natural teeth or dental implants at each end, and replacement teeth known as pontics are placed between. The result is a durable and highly natural looking restoration.

There are four main types of dental bridges. Which one is used depends on your precise needs, budget, and desires.

Traditional Dental Bridge

The most common type of dental bridge, a traditional bridge uses crowns cemented to the natural teeth at either end to support one or more pontics. It is strong and durable, but requires some healthy tooth structure to be removed to prepare the natural teeth for crowns.

Cantilever Bridge

A cantilever bridge is attached to a natural tooth at only one end. It is highly useful in specific restorations, but carries a risk of fracturing or loosening the supporting tooth as bite forces are not distributed.

Dental Implant Supported Bridge

Rather than crowning the natural teeth, dental implants can secure one or both ends of a dental bridge. This provides an extremely strong and long-lasting solution that does not put the healthy teeth at risk.

Maryland Bridge

Although it is not as strong as a traditional or implant supported bridge, a Maryland bridge is an excellent way to preserve healthy tooth structure without incurring the cost of implants. Rather than being supported by crowns, a Maryland bridge uses a metal structure that is cemented to the backs of the natural teeth.

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