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5 Foods and Drinks That Are Notorious for Tooth Discoloration

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Are your teeth looking a little dull lately? It is common for teeth to gain a yellow tint over time or even varying shades of brown. The things you eat and drink sometimes play a part in the discoloration of your teeth. 

The good news is that there are teeth whitening treatments that can remove these discolorations, sometimes referred to as bleaching. If you’re considering getting a whitening treatment or if you’ve had one recently, there are some foods you may want to avoid to help your results last longer. 

Here are 5 foods and drinks that are known to cause tooth discoloration.

  1. Coffee and Tea. The two most common beverages are some of the most notorious for causing tooth discoloration. Whether you drink them black or with milk or cream, the dark color of these liquids can stain the surface of your teeth and even seep into the pores of your tooth enamel. Avoiding these drinks can help prevent the discoloration of your teeth.

    Not willing to give up these beverages? The next best thing is to brush your teeth after drinking them. Don’t have the ability to brush right now? Rinse your mouth out with water or drink water afterwards. It is also better for your teeth to drink your coffee or tea in one sitting rather than sipping on them throughout the day. 

  2. Red Wine. Another beverage that is known for staining teeth is red wine. The dark red/purple color derived from the skin of red grapes can stain your teeth, lips, and tongue. The problem is that it doesn’t come off of your teeth as well as the rest of your mouth.

    Do you prefer red wine over white? If you’re not interested in switching your wine type, then the same advice applies as with coffee and tea: brush your teeth afterwards or at least rinse your mouth out with water to reduce staining. 

  3. Soft Drinks. There are many reasons why soft drinks are unhealthy for you. In addition to high levels of sugar that can cause tooth decay and other health problems, the artificial dyes that are in soft drinks can stain your teeth. Brown and brightly colored soft drinks are the worst for causing tooth discoloration.

    If you do have a soft drink, rinse your mouth out with water or brush your teeth afterwards. Avoid sipping on soda over a long period of time to reduce discoloration as well as tooth decay. 

  4. Fruit/Berries. Some of the worst tooth staining culprits are foods, even healthy ones. Berries like blackberries and blueberries can stain your teeth. Cherries can discolor your teeth as well. But not all fruits and berries are a problem. In fact, strawberries have been known to help remove stains from your teeth.

    The same advice applies to fruits and berries as to the previously listed beverages: if you wish to eat them, you can reduce the chances of staining your teeth by washing your mouth out with water or brushing your teeth after eating them. 

  5. Sauces. The lesser known teeth staining foods are certain sauces. Soy sauce, which is a dark brown sauce used in many Asian dishes, can discolor your teeth. Balsamic vinegar commonly used in salad dressings and other foods is also dark brown and can cause discoloration.

    Love these sauces? Yep, you guessed it. Brush your teeth after eating them or wash your mouth out with water.

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