Can I Get Dental Work During Pregnancy?

Can I Get Dental Work During Pregnancy?

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Congratulations! You’re expecting a baby and this is a time full of joy, anticipation, changes…and questions. Like most moms-to-be, you want to make all the best decisions for your health and the health of your baby. But you may be wondering if it’s ok to get dental work done, or even safe to go to the dentist, during pregnancy. The good news is, you don’t have to stop your healthy oral hygiene habits while you’re expecting. In fact, it’s even more important to continue them throughout your pregnancy.

Good Oral Health Supports Good Overall Health

Pregnancy can render expecting moms more susceptible to oral health issues such as tooth decay from changes in dietary habits, swelling or inflammation of the gums due to increased blood flow from rising hormones, and damage to tooth enamel from the effects of morning sickness. To avoid cavities and oral infections such as gum disease while you’re pregnant, it’s important to keep your regular preventative care check-ups with your dentist, and of course remain diligent about brushing and flossing at home.

Getting your teeth cleaned and having a thorough exam every six months, just as you did before you were expecting a baby, will help to ensure your overall good health. A healthy mouth helps prevent the spread of germs and illness, not to mention allowing you to eat the healthy, nourishing foods your growing baby needs.

Safe and Sound

Fortunately, getting cavities filled, teeth cleanings and dental exams present no risk to expecting moms and their babies. However, it is important to let your dentist know right away that you are pregnant as it may be advisable or simply preferable to postpone certain treatments or procedures, such as having x-rays taken or non-emergency, elective or cosmetic dental work.

Other dental work considerations are based on comfort. The second trimester is often a good time for dental appointments because the morning sickness phase is typically over and lying on your back in the dental chair is still tolerable.

Make your visits to the dentist even more comfortable during your pregnancy by bringing a pillow to cushion your time in the chair, enjoying some soothing music on your headphones to keep you relaxed and being mindful not to cross your legs or feet to ensure proper blood flow and circulation during your treatment.

Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby: Schedule Your Next Appointment

At Dental Associates, we’re here to provide all the support we can during this special time in your life. Our team of experts puts patient care and comfort as a top priority, and we want to ensure that you feel relaxed and at ease in our beautiful, state-of-the-art facility – before, during and after your pregnancy. Stay on schedule with your dental care throughout your pregnancy and make your next appointment with us today. Contact us at 860-677-8666 or request an appointment.